Dr. Hira Nazir

Dr. Hira Nazir is a dental surgeon by profession and a writer by passion, Hira knows her way with words & wisdom. Working as a freelance writer for quite a while by now, medical writing is her forte. She has written medical content for many health related blogs & websites. An aspiring surgeon, a spoken word artist, Faiz's biggest devotee & Roger Federer's fan; Hira has worked with many notable platforms, both in literature & medicine. She is the co-founder of Words & Metaphors - first spoken word platform of KPK, core cabinet member of Young Women's Writer's Forum, founder of a bookclub Kafi, Kaghaz aur Kitaab and runs charity drives for poor patients under her supervision.  She was also the awardee of House of Federation's Unsung Heroes for her services towards literature. Hira aims for "health facilities for all" & swears by the motto - working towards it, serving one patient at a time!





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